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Update Changes 08/08/2018 [Colorful Edition]


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  1. Added /myhead to Metropolis.
  2. Added /options to Metropolis.
  3. Added builder rank and designated builder world on Metropolis.
  4. Added frequent block clearing for entities spawning using seismic pickaxes.
  5. Added many new features to Metropolis Link, Link.
  6. Changed /vehicles to /garage.
  7. Fixed [item] chat item displays.
  8. Fixed color gradient of colored blocks in the /shop.
  9. Fixed joining/leaving users being announced twice if they leave/join before the next announcement.
  10. Fixed lackeys on Cosmos.
  11. Increased max Voxel snipe size to 25 blocks from 5 blocks.
  12. Nerfed enchanting tables and brewing stand (they no longer prefill with required items).
  13. Removed the following universe due to infeasability: Playground.
  14. Removed the following universes due to inactivity: Radioactive, PixelKombat, RapidKitz.