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Update Changes 08/04/2018


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MOAR changes that happened on 08/04/2018
  1. Added /speed to Metropolis
  2. Added auto-reconnect to last server when server reboots (with /nr command to not reconnect)
  3. Added gardening shop to Cosmos
  4. Added local chat to Metropolis
  5. Added nation capitals and capital spawn to Atlantis
  6. Added seats/chairs to Atlantis, Medieval, Cosmos and Metropolis
  7. Added wither skeleton spawners to seasonal crate
  8. Fixed redirects for crafterscove.net, blockville.us and melonmc.net
  9. Fixed tomes of knowledge on Atlantis
  10. Fixed town ranks and perms on Atlantis
  11. Fixed use-flag on Medieval protections
  12. Nerfed chance of 5 star crate in PVP Arenas
  13. Removed researches for disabled items on Atlantis SlimeFun
  14. Removed Playground, RapidKitz and PixelKombat universes
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