Blockverse - Minecraft Server

Update Changes 07/22/2018

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Hi there!

Blockverse has been reset for almost 1 day now, and already you have helped a lot to find and report bugs using the /ticket system.
Here are some things that were fixed, removed and clarified, thanks to your tickets!
  1. Fixed shout command to include /shout in addition to /s.
  2. Fixed the /undis command for people who voted for "Swag" on the Metropolis universe.
  3. Fixed PlanetMinecraft voting link.
  4. Fixed minor spelling errors in Hub multiverse GUI.
  5. Fixed Oregens on Cosmos sometimes not creating new blocks.
  6. Fixed creating warps on Metropolis.
  7. Fixed Atlantis message about depositing money into Towns.
  8. Fixed anvils being unbreakable.
  9. Fixed 3x3/Blast Pickaxes in the Cosmos Oregen3000.
  10. Fixed universal player limit of all multiverses from 20 to 250.
  11. Removed accidental inclusion of Heavy Mining pickaxe recipes from older versions.
  12. Removed accidentally included, unusable /dye command.
  13. Clarified that Bosses need to be spawned in mob-enabled plots on Towny.
As always, keep the tickets coming!