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Important 2018 Limited Edition Summer Crate now available.

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Hey there.

The Limited Edition Summer 2018 Molten Crate is now available, featuring some much-wanted items! In this fiery vessel you will potentially find:
  • 12x Iron Golem Spawners
  • 12x Slime Spawners
  • 12x Zombie Spawners
  • Mending Book
  • Silk Touch Book
  • Frost Walker Book
  • 1500XP
  • 2000XP
  • 4000XP
  • $250,000
  • $500,000
  • $1,000,000
  • Blast IV Pickaxe
  • New Fire Knight Boss that drops Knight II Loot
  • New Fire Excavator Boss that drops Excavator II Loot
  • New Mending enchanted Elytra
  • New Condenser Rod that condenses items inside chests
  • New Solarium Chat Tag
  • New Affirmative Chat Tag
  • New Flower Power Chat Tag
  • Rare chance for unlocking an in-game rank activator!
The keys are available now at until August 31'st 2018!
If you want a rare chance to win these keys for free, be sure to participate in the Common Key give-all's until August 31'st!

Update Changes 07/28/2018

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You guys are awesome! Here are some more reported changes since 07/28/2018
  1. Added /glow command (For Transcendent rank and above).
  2. Added /norain command.
  3. Added Day/Night/Dawn toggle to Environmental controls for Transcendent ranks and above using /time.
  4. Added Macromod to allowed mods list /mods.
  5. Added Oak and Dark Oak custom trees from saplings on Atlantis.
  6. Added ping command to check your own ping /ping.
  7. Fixed Auction House on RapidKitz.
  8. Fixed fall damage from voter fly disable
  9. Fixed hopper/chest sync time-out issues.
  10. Fixed localization for Lackeys on Cosmos.
  11. Fixed losing money on changing Minecraft name on Atlantis.
  12. Fixed pistons displacing SlimeFun blocks on Atlantis.
  13. Fixed Slime spawning by enabling slime spawning in all chunks.
  14. Fixed SWAG commands and perks on Metropolis.
  15. Fixed typo in /feed command.
  16. Fixed Towny command cooldown from 5 seconds to 3 seconds on Atlantis.
  17. Removed minion food/hunger requirement from Cosmos.
  18. Removed splash potions from Metropolis due to abuse.
  19. Removed Teaming rules from rules.
  20. Updated /buy GUI's.
  21. Updated colors and visuals on Discord.
  22. Updated Vote sites with new branding.

Update Changes 7/26/2018

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Fresh changes since 07/26/2018
  1. Added warning to Enchanter that enchanter items break SlimeFun items on Atlantis.
  2. Added gamemode switch to Metropolis, /gmc, /gms.
  3. Added ability to upload schematics from Metropolis. //download.
  4. Added unlimited mob-stacking to all servers.
  5. Added ability to change your Island name on Cosmos.
  6. Fixed (Lowered) %age chance of Diamond Armor from Common Treasure chest.
  7. Fixed Order of icons in chat messages.
  8. Fixed leaf-decay on the multiverse.
  9. Fixed vine-growth on the multiverse.
  10. Fixed issue of blazes not spawning and stacking.
  11. Changed cosmetics of vehicle shop /vehicles.
  12. Changed rank colors on Discord for improved clarity.
  13. Removed Radiant enchant due to a bug (Possibly temporary).
  14. Removed Acid Rain enchant due to a bug (Possibly temporary).

Update Changes 7/23/2018

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Just a follow up with some additional changes that have taken place since 07/23/2018
  1. Fixed treasure chests giving wrong amount of Emeralds in Cosmos
  2. Fixed in-game higher ranks not showing on top of paid ranks.
  3. Fixed issue with rank-fly getting disabled due to vote-fly expiry.
  4. Fixed issue with co-mayors not being able to build anywhere inside towns on Atlantis.
  5. Added /is coop to Cosmos - Allows you to temporarily add someone to your island without need to add them to your team
  6. Added /is lock to Cosmos - Allows you to prevent all access to your island by visitors.
  7. Added /is expel to Cosmos - Allows you to kick anyone from your island.
  8. Added /is ban to Cosmos - Allows you to permanently ban someone from ever entering your island.
  9. Added support for MC client versions 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x and 1.13
  10. Removed McMMO AFK farming rule from server rules
  11. Removed Paralyze Enchantment (Temporarily) due to a bug. It will be reactivated again when the bug is fixed.