Blockverse - Minecraft Server

Update Changes 08/24/2018

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@Liiivvv is a helicopter update: 08/24/2018
Thank you everyone for reporting these bugs. Lets keep the bug reports coming in!
  • Reduced diamond-armor chance from common-crate and vote-party crates.
  • Expanded Atlantis world-border from 15k to 30k blocks.
  • Added //stack, //info command to Metropolis.
  • Added a cooldown and character limit to /shout to prevent abuse.
  • Added dragon-egg trailer (Click).
  • Added Irongolem, Creeper and Enderman spawners to the crates.
  • Added new server trailer (Click).
  • Added new staff to the roster! (Click).
  • Fixed [item].
  • Fixed /sociables.
  • Fixed enderchest access on SkyBlock.
  • Fixed musicbot-music queing if it wasnt in your channel on Discord.
  • Fixed not being able to do quests on page 2.
  • Fixed SkyBlock Oregen3000 (Regeneration).
  • Changed new-player announcements from individual universe announcements to across the multiverse.

Which feature/improvement/server should we work on next?

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I would like to thank everyone who is active in the community for being a part of it for so long (especially veteran player's who have been around for a major part of their life).

But in order to make everyone (including you) happy, I would like to know what you want to see on Blockverse in the coming weeks.

Which features would you like us to work on next?
Let us know about small improvements you'd like to see.

Remember to up-vote your favorite suggestions so we know its important!

The Blockverse Team

Update The DRAGONS have arrived to Blockverse!

Update Recent promotions!

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Hey all. Many are eager to join our ranks, but a few ultimately qualify for the position. These are the brave souls who have ventured into Blockverse to achieve something out of reach for many, but available to everyone. I am proud to announce our most recent recruits!

@Shuot, @chuechew, @maddieokay, @FallenBambii, @ParasiticAngel, @Niftvy

@Lambordi, @Poptart, @OLL_97, @AmbiBambii

We wish them all the best! Click on their names to visit their profiles and congratulate them on a job well done! :D