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Update Metropolis Update V2 (better late than never)!

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One thing I missed from the previous metropolis update is the introduction of a friendly GUI to toggle plot options as well as introduce the ability to spawn your own head.
You can now change your immediate plots' time, weather and biome by using the command: /options and can also spawn in your own head using /myhead

Time of day options: Reset, Dawn, Midday, Night
Weather Options: Clear, Rainy
Biome Options: Swampy, Forest, Jungle, Snowy, Plains, Arid, Savanna, Hell, Frozen Ocean, Sky​

Update Metropolis Builders Update! (+ Tags!)

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Introducing the Metropolis update!

  • Nametags - Type /tags to select a roleplay tag from 17 tags, each tag costs about $10,000 that you can get by voting!
  • Builders Utilities - A coveted builders tool that allows you to:
    • Toggle iron-trapdoors
    • Selectively break top or bottom slabs
    • Shift-right-click to rotate terracotta blocks along the axis you select
    • Toggle night-vision to see clearer in the dark
    • Clip through blocks for easy interior/exterior building
    • Use advanced fly for greater accuracy and control while building
    • Advanced manipulation commands:
      • Better deformation commands:
        //scale [size] - Simplified deform scaling command
        //derot [axis] [degrees] - Simplified deform rotate command
        //twist [axis] [degrees] - Simplified deform twist command
      • Command shortcuts:
        //1 > //pos1
        //2 > //pos2
        //c > //copy
        //s > //set
        //f > //flip
        //pa > //paste
        /ws [speed] Set walk speed
        /fs [speed] Set fly speed
        //cub > //sel cuboid
        //con > //sel convex
  • Fly speed - Change your fly speed with the press of a button and the click of a mouse! (Press F to open the menu, then click a feather to change your fly speed!)
We hope you enjoy this update.

Update Changes 08/04/2018

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MOAR changes that happened on 08/04/2018
  1. Added /speed to Metropolis
  2. Added auto-reconnect to last server when server reboots (with /nr command to not reconnect)
  3. Added gardening shop to Cosmos
  4. Added local chat to Metropolis
  5. Added nation capitals and capital spawn to Atlantis
  6. Added seats/chairs to Atlantis, Medieval, Cosmos and Metropolis
  7. Added wither skeleton spawners to seasonal crate
  8. Fixed redirects for, and
  9. Fixed tomes of knowledge on Atlantis
  10. Fixed town ranks and perms on Atlantis
  11. Fixed use-flag on Medieval protections
  12. Nerfed chance of 5 star crate in PVP Arenas
  13. Removed researches for disabled items on Atlantis SlimeFun
  14. Removed Playground, RapidKitz and PixelKombat universes

Update Changes 08/01/2018

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You guys are awesome! Here are some more reported changes since 08/01/2018
  1. Reset Votes for August 2018!
  2. Added /cstoggle to turn off shop buy/sell notification.
  3. Added /sd or /supplydrop to see when the next supply-drop is.
  4. Added Builder application and heirarchy.
  5. Added diamond armor as the base kit on KitPVP.
  6. Added join/leave message clumping.
  7. Added Limited Edition Summer 2018 Treasure Chest.
  8. Added TNT mechanic used to destroy end-portal-frames.
  9. Added warning to island expander on Cosmos to be only used by the island owner.
  10. Added world-travel ticket to Metropolis.
  11. Added more blocks to "Farm" plots on Atlantis, include the following:
    1. Food: Cocoa beans, Netherwart, Sugar Cane, Cactus.
    2. Animals: Rabbit, Llama, Horse.
  12. Fixed pistons breaking when pushing sugarcanes.
  13. Fixed connectivity issues from 1.8+.
  14. Fixed crate items being accidentally sold using /sellall and /sellhand.
  15. Fixed Metropolis crash issues.
  16. Fixed item despawn time from 60 seconds to 3 minutes.
  17. Fixed kit name for /kit transcendent.
  18. Fixed magma cube stacking.
  19. Fixed PVP logging issues.
  20. Fixed spelling of transcendent across the multiverse.
  21. Fixed votefly killing you when your fly expires.
  22. Updated hubs.