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Update Changes 08/15/2018

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The Furqi update: 08/15/2018
  • Increased hopper per chunk limit on Atlantis, Cosmos and Medieval from 4 hoppers/chunk to 10 hoppers/chunk.
  • Increased total island hopper limit on Cosmos to 10 to 100.
  • Decreased the chance of getting diamond armor from the crates.
  • Added Dirt and Cobblestone to be sellable using /sellall and the sell rod.
  • Added lackey's to be able to use your own enchanted pickaxe on Cosmos.
  • Added portals to hubs.
  • Added forum syncing by typing /sync on the server.
  • Added Members ability to set their nicknames on Discord.
  • Updated Discord layout and visuals.
  • Updated the visuals of https://shop.blockverse.us.
  • Changed server messaging colors for clarity.
  • Fixed a shop exploit.
  • Fixed issues with bulk-sell in /shop.
  • Fixed Item frame switch access on Atlantis.
  • Fixed some crashing issues.
  • Fixed some issues with being able to join Discord.
  • Fixed some issues with stacked mobs.
  • Removed custom trees on Atlantis due to issues.

Important Sync your server life!

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Good news everyone!

You can now sync your server ranks with the forums!
Just type /sync on the server, then click on the globe to sync your rank.
Sync your rank to unlock future perks on the forums!

As a reminder: A synced rank account is now required to apply for the helper position!

Update Fantasy Update!

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Hello everyone! I'm excited to present you with a new purchasable companion, Dragons!
Dragon pets are cosmetic pets you can acquire by hatching ultra-rare dragon eggs.

How do you get a dragon?
  • You can buy these Mystery Dragon Eggs
  • You can wait for the Fall Crate to be launched in September for a 0.5% to receive a mystery dragon egg
  • You can participate in the Common Key give-all events this weekend only for a 0.01% chance of receiving a mystery dragon egg!
There are 8 different types of hatch-able dragons:
  • Mage Dragon
  • Dirt Dragon
  • Void Dragon
  • Festival Dragon
  • Troll Dragon
  • Frost Dragon
  • Flame Dragon
  • Storybook Dragon
Mystery Dragon Eggs will never hatch the same dragons twice!

We now have a brand new shop on Atlantis, Cosmos and Medieval! Many prices have been tweaked, check it out by typing /shop

Bored of grinding mobs all day and want to make money or earn EXP a different way? How about completing some quests! Type /q to start questing on Atlantis, Cosmos and Medieval

Remember to report all issues/bugs using the /ticket command!

Update Changes 08/08/2018 [Colorful Edition]

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Get your fresh changes right here: 08/08/2018!
  1. Added /myhead to Metropolis.
  2. Added /options to Metropolis.
  3. Added builder rank and designated builder world on Metropolis.
  4. Added frequent block clearing for entities spawning using seismic pickaxes.
  5. Added many new features to Metropolis Link, Link.
  6. Changed /vehicles to /garage.
  7. Fixed [item] chat item displays.
  8. Fixed color gradient of colored blocks in the /shop.
  9. Fixed joining/leaving users being announced twice if they leave/join before the next announcement.
  10. Fixed lackeys on Cosmos.
  11. Increased max Voxel snipe size to 25 blocks from 5 blocks.
  12. Nerfed enchanting tables and brewing stand (they no longer prefill with required items).
  13. Removed the following universe due to infeasability: Playground.
  14. Removed the following universes due to inactivity: Radioactive, PixelKombat, RapidKitz.