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Update Now introducing: XP-Treasure!

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Hello there!

Do you have more EXP than you know what to do with? That's where the XP-Treasure comes in, on Atlantis, Cosmos and Medieval universes.
For a low low cost of 450 farmable XP levels, you can now purchase an XP-Treasure-Key by typing /xpshop
Introducing Brand New Particles!
- The XP-Shop crate contains some exclusive particle effects for you to uncrate!

Log-in to check out what you can get from this brand new treasure chest!

Update Metropolis No-Reset Policy

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Today I am announcing the No-Reset policy for the Metropolis (Creative Plot) server.

What this policy means is that the server will never be reset, unless the following happen:
  • The map is corrupted beyond repair.
    • This can happen if the map has any issues which cannot be repaired. Generally, maximum effort will be made to repair the map.
    • In this instance, a backup of the map can also be restored.
  • The map is accidentally deleted.
    • In this instance, a backup of the map will be restored.
Also, I got a new skin!

Thanks for playing on Blockverse!

The Farm Price Buff Update - 09/04/2018

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Farmers Update - 09/04/2018
Thank you everyone for reporting these bugs/features. Lets keep the bug reports/feature requests coming in!

- Pumpkins
- Melons
- Melon Slices
- Apples
- Wheat
- Potatoes
- Sugarcane
- Netherwarts
- Cocoa Beans
- Seeds
- Carrots
- Beetroot
- Beetroot Seeds
  • Launched Boss Heart Crates (Heart of Osiris, Heart of Hades, Heart Hephaestus)
  • Launched Epic Bosses (Osiris, Hades and Hephaestus) (Link)
  • Launched Robo-chips that unlock BB-8 and BB-9E Pets (Link)
  • Launched the Seasonal Harvest Crate (Link)
  • Released Epic Boss Arena Trailer (Link)
  • Added Build Commands to Metropolis (Link)
  • Added CraftFlowers to Metropolis (/craftf)
  • Added durability warnings (below 20 durability) to most items
  • Added GoBrush to Metropolis (/tools)
  • Added GoPaint to Metropolis (/tools)
  • Added NextRotate to Metropolis (/nrd)
  • Added Spirals/Magic Circle scripts to Metropolis (Link)
  • Added Text Generator to Metropolis (//text)
  • Fixed [Thank] signs not counting number of "Thanks"
  • Fixed Being able to use any commands in /pvp on Medieval
  • Fixed enderpearl access to certain areas in /pvp
  • Fixed Epic Bosses not having any skins

Important [August 2018] Top Voters!

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Here are the top voters for August 2018! Congratulations to everyone and Blockverse thanks you for your continued support!

Top 10 voters
Winner of $30 Gift Card

cadbane86140 (96 votes) - CLAIMED

Winner of $20 Gift Card
GirlieCupcake (95 votes)

Winner of $10 Gift Card
Sterben115 (92 votes)

Winners of $5 Gift Cards
cld1665 (92 votes)
CowChop_ (92 votes) - CLAIMED
Niftvy (91 votes)
Flanza (86 votes) - CLAIMED
AlekN (84 votes)
suheb (81 votes)
Furqi (77 votes)

Get in touch with @Furqi to claim your rewards!